Keynote from Headteacher


Welcome to Our School Website.

I welcome you to our school website this year 2023. Education is an unending life process that begins when one enters the stage of life until he/she gets his/her exit.
My dedicated directors, teaching and non-teaching staff are a wonderful team committed to turning and sustaining Victorian High School Entebbe as an academic giant in Entebbe region and beyond.
The student leadership contribution  is commendable and to the students, you are the reason for the school’s existence. Be also reminded that the transformations  you see around the school are for your benefit and your future and therefore handle and guard them jealously.
We know the importance that parents play in their children’s education and so we welcome your involvement in your child’s education and in the life of our school. We ask for your opinion on a regular basis as well as invite you to visit the school as much as possible.
Our mission is to create an alumni that is God fearing, ethical, respected, and with great integrity that believes in the great values of our country. We thank Namirembe Diocese and St. Mark’s church for availing us the platform for this and all the support.
As the great scholars said, “The great men we hear of and read about are little men expanded”, we hope to make Victorian High School Entebbe the best school in Entebbe and the whole country.
We still welcome students and are admitting in all classes as long as you pass our interviews.
We look forward to empowering our students with knowledge and giving them the opportunity to excel in various sectors thus preparing them for the changing world and challenges ahead.

More Than Education”
“For God And My Country”
Yours in Service
Mr. Musaazi Julius

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