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The VHSE Alumni is the official association for you and the more than 100 VHS Entebbe Old- Girls and Boys (abbr. OG or OB) around the world. You have a membership just by having attended VHS Entebbe as student.

We connect you and your former students with a wealth of networking opportunities, development resources, programs, volunteer opportunities, group trips, and more. So, whether you are looking to build or expand this VHSE Alumni community, reconnect with classmates, mentor the youth, engage in lifelong learning, or stay informed on VHS Entebbe news – the VHSE Alumni is here to keep you connected to it all.
You may no longer be a high-school student, but VHS Entebbe and the VHS Entebbe Alumni will always be here for you.


This VHSE Alumni was spearheaded by Mayanja Ben (S.5 – S.6, 2012) and Kiyinji Brian (S.2 – S.6, 2010) in 2017. It has been growing ever since. “Now and then we manage to get contacts of our fellow OGs and OBs, and add them to the VHSE OGs & OBs WhatsApp group. Feel free to contact me and I will add you to the group.” says Mr. Mayanja Ben.

The group gets actively involved now and then in necessary school activities. If you (OG or OB) too want to stay updated or claim your membership, send a text message to the group contacts given here. Your classmates await you.


Spokesperson:Mr. Kiyingi Brian
Tel: +256 708 706 469
Moderator:Mr. Mayanja Ben
Tel: +256 708 661 706
Secretary:Mr. Karim I.
vhse alumnus student with laptop
16.06.2023Participated in German Cup 2023. The VHS Entebbe OBs lost (score, 2-3) in a football match against Masaka Secondary School.
30.05.2023 – 10.06.2023Organised an internal alumni fundraiser for German Cup 2023.
23.01.2023Nominated some alumni for roles in the VHS Entebbe Alumni. Current occupied roles are Spokesperson, Moderator and Secretary.

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